If you’re working from home, you’re likely sitting in front of a computer most of the day, which means your posture probably isn’t great.

If you’re sitting up straight, your muscles can easily support your head and neck, which weigh about 12 pounds. But if you lean your head forward 45 degrees (which we tend to do), it’s a different story.

The change in angle makes your neck a fulcrum, increasing the burden of your head and neck to the equivalent of about 45 pounds. That’s a big difference, which means it’s no surprise your work may be triggering neck pain.

Here at Regenerative Pain & Spine, we’re in the business of relieving your pain. Here are three stretches you can try to alleviate your pain if working from home has caused neck problems for you.

The yes stretch

Get ready to exaggerate. With this stretch, you’re going to nod “yes” with your head, but with big motions. Start by lifting your head up toward the ceiling, looking up as high as you can, and holding it for a couple of seconds. Then drop your chin down toward your neck as much as you can, holding that pose for a couple seconds also. Repeat this sequence 10 times.

Side tilt

Now we’re going to work the sides of your neck. You can do this stretch standing or seated. Tilt your head gently toward your right shoulder, trying to touch your shoulder with your ear. Stop when you feel your neck stretching. Hold this pose for 5-10 seconds, and then repeat on your left side. Do several sets of this stretch until you can work your way up to 10 repetitions.

To get in a little extra stretching, put your hand on the opposite side of your head and gently pull your head down toward your shoulder.

Neck circles (head rolls)

This stretch will work your entire neck — front, back, sides, and corners. While standing or sitting, gently move your chin down toward your chest. When your chin reaches your chest, roll your head to the left, to the back, to the right, and forward, making a complete circle. Do about five circles, and then reverse directions, making sure to move in a controlled manner the whole time.

These stretches should make a difference for you. If they don’t seem effective, or if you have additional issues to address, feel free to come see us at Regenerative Pain & Spine. Just find one of our four locations that is close to you, and call the office or request an appointment online. We’ll see you soon!

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